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About Us

Family owned business based in Christchurch New Zealand. We have been involved in orthotic therapy and lower limb biomechanics since 2003. We understand the complexity of foot function and its impact on the overall function and wellbeing of the body. Our products have been designed by clinical practitioners, orthotics and lab technicians and are manufactures to the highest standards. Our Mission is to provide practitioners with product and support for treating lower limb biomechanical anomaly.

About ICB Products

OrthoMedical NZ have combined with ICB Medical to provide the NZ practitioner with high quality affordable orthotics.

Our products are designed to assist the practitioner in the diagnosis and treatment of lower limb Biomechanical anomalies.

We are dedicated to providing products of quality design, engineering and manufacturing.

All our products are designed and tested by clinical practitioners and laboratory technicians, who have vast experience in Orthotic therapy and clinical lower limb biomechanics.

Our heat moulding orthotics, additions and easy to use assessment equipment are designed for the practitioner who aim to grow their business and further develop their patients’ treatment protocol.

The training and product support provided will enable the practitioner to include orthotic therapy, simple biomechanical assessment and gait analysis to their practice.

The heat molding process and simple to apply additions allows the practitioner to safely provide orthotic therapy to their own patients.

Our dual density orthotics have been designed to provide therapeutic support and comfort. The orthotic consists of two density of EVA that are bound together in the manufacturing process, providing a high quality and more durable product.

Our overall goal is to provide the practitioner with a cost effective and highly sophisticated product. This not only allows for orthotic therapy but also allows the practitioner to customize the orthotic in their own clinic.