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ICB Orthotics

OrthoMedical NZ have combined with ICB Medical to provide the NZ practitioner with high quality affordable orthotics.

Our products are designed to assist the practitioner in the diagnosis and treatment of lower limb Biomechanical anomalies.

We are dedicated to providing products of quality design, engineering and manufacturing.

All our products are designed and tested by clinical practitioners and laboratory technicians, who have vast experience in Orthotic therapy and clinical lower limb biomechanics. Our heat moulding orthotics, additions and easy to use assessment equipment are designed for the practitioner who aim to grow their business and further develop their patients’ treatment protocol.

ICB 2/3 Length Orthotics

ICB 2/3 Length Orthotics are best used in regular walking shoes and most men's dress shoes. Use the..

ICB Full Length Orthotics

ICB Full Length Orthotics should be fitted to sports shoes and work boots, and are available in Soft..

ICB Dress Style Orthotics

ICB Dress Style Orthotics possess the same intrinsic angles and features as the 2/3 length orthotic,..

ICB Full Length Dress Style Orthotics

ICB New Full Length Dress Style Orthotics possess the same intrinsic angles and features as the 2/3 ..

ICB High Heel Orthotics

ICB High Heel Orthotics have an intrinsic 3° rearfoot varus, due to the natural supinatory effect (a..

ICB Multicolour Orthotics for Kids

ICB Multicolour Children's Orthotics are specifically designed for young and are available in b..

ICB Children’s High Flange Orthotic

ICB Children’s High Flange Orthotic are purposely designed with an intrinsic 35mm medial flange, 25m..

ICB Medial Arch Infills (Pair)

ICB Medial Arch Infills have been designed using a low density EVA to provide extra medial longitudi..

ICB Medial Flanges (Pair)

ICB Medial Flanges can be attached to the dorsal surface of the orthotic, on top of the medial arch ..

ICB Heel Lifts (10 Pack)

Can be used to aid in the treatment of a structural short leg. ICB Heel Lifts can also be used as a ..

ICB Extended Heel Lifts (Each)

ICB Extended Heel Lifts are useful when a raise of more than 8mm is required.  Finishing behind..

ICB Inversion/Eversion Ramps (Each)

ICB Inversion Ramps can also be used as eversion ramps, or extended forefoot valgus/varus wedges.&nb..

ICB Metatarsal Domes (10 Pack)

ICB Metatarsal Domes are designed to lift the transverse arch and spread the metatarsals, helping to..

ICB Forefoot Wedges (10 Pack)

Can be attached to the orthotic when additional forefoot support is required. ICB Forefoot Additions..

ICB Rearfoot Wedges (10 Pack)

Can be attached to the orthotic when additional rearfoot control is required (more than the 5° inver..

The Orthotic Solution


The Orthotic Solution: A Clinical Guide to Lower Limb Biomechanics & Orthotic Therapy: is a new ..

ICB Gravity Goniometer


The ICB Gravity Goniometer is an important device when assessing and treating lower limb biomechanic..

ICB Biomechanical Protractor


ICB Biomechanical Protractor can be used to measure the amount of ankle dorsi exion for the range of..

ICB Medical Heat Gun


The ICB Medical Heat Gun is an essential tool when prescribing and fitting ICB Orthotics. Its powerf..

Getting Started with ICB Orthotics

To assist Practitioners in getting started with ICB Orthotics, the Starter Pack includes a range of ..

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