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Practitioners' Range

  • How do practitioners order?
  • Practitioners must register and login to order. As the practitioner range is more supportive and designed only for practitioners use.

  • What practitioner can use the practitioner range?
  • Podiatrist, Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, chiropractors, Trained Mio therapists and any doctor who is trained in the procedure.

  • How do I make sure I’m using the product correctly?
  • Online support is provided on the website through instruction and videos. Workshops and clinic visits can be organized for staff training.

Pedistep Range

  • How do I fit Pedistep Orthotics into my shoes?
  • Before placing Pedistep Orthotics in your shoes, wherever possible, remove the manufacturer insoles and replace with the orthotics.
  • My Pedistep Active Orthotics are a bit long to fit in my sports shoes or work boots. Can I trim them?
  • Yes. Because almost every shoe is a slightly different shape, width and length, you can trim Pedistep Active Orthotics to fit. We recommend only trimming from the front and front sides
    do not trim near the heel cup or arch, as this may affect the effectiveness of the product. Before trimming, remove the manufacturer insoles and use them as a template to trim around the front of your Pedistep Active Orthotics with scissors. Do not over-trim, as this may cause discomfort. Trim only from the front edge of the orthotics. It is not recommended to trim elsewhere as this may affect the amount of support offered by the orthotics.
  • Can you trim Pedistep Regular and High Heel Orthotics?
  • It is not recommended to trim Pedistep Regular Orthotics, as it may affect the comfort and support offered by the product. Pedistep High Heel Orthotics can be trimmed slightly at the sides of the front edge only, if they need to fit into narrow fitting high heels. Do not trim from the back or the front, as it may affect the comfort of the orthotics.
  • Is there a suggested ‘wearing-in’ period for Pedistep Orthotics?
  • Yes – it is recommended that when starting to wear Pedistep Orthotics, wear them for 1 hour on the first day (or until any discomfort is experienced), 2 hours on the second, etc. Within a week (sometimes less) your feet will have adjusted to the newly re-aligned position. Every person is different so the wearing-in period may differ slightly. It is not however, recommended that intense levels of activity be undertaken during the initial stages of this wearing in period.
  • How often should I wear my Pedistep Orthotics?
  • For optimum results, it is recommended to wear your Pedistep Orthotics as regularly as possible. Ideally, you would wear them whenever you have shoes on.
  • Can Pedistep Orthotics be swapped between different shoes?
  • Yes. However, keep in mind that there are different styles of Pedistep Orthotics to suit different footwear types. As long as you are wearing the right style of Pedistep Orthotics in the recommended footwear, there shouldn’t be a problem.
  • How long do Pedistep Orthotics last?
  • Depending on the regularity of use and intensity of activity, Pedistep Orthotics have a general lifespan of between 12-18 months. This may decrease with higher levels of activity.
  • How will I know when it’s time to replace my Pedistep Orthotics?
  • A good indicator that it might be time to replace your Pedistep Orthotics is when you start to notice the same symptoms or pain you experienced prior to wearing the orthotics, returning. As soon as this happens, it maybe time for replacement Pedistep Orthotics.
  • Are Pedistep Orthotic washable?
  • Yes, Pedistep Orthotics can be washed under warm water with a mild washing liquid, and left in warm place to dry (not in direct sunlight). Do not place your orthotics in the washing machine or clothes dryer or near heating appliances.